Move and transport containers

– Let contlift mover do the work


Quick and secure connection to the container

Speed up to 25 km / h

Robust construction with low operating costs

Strong construction that progressively improved with the help of users

Typical operations

  • Transport containers to and from quay cranes
  • Take containers to and into the loading / unloading magazine
  • Lift containers on and off road vehicles

Container handling

Contlift container mover is a machine for lifting and moving containers in ports and industries. It is connected to a terminal tractor and all functions are controlled by the driver from the cabin.

There are a number of standard models to choose from, and in addition to this, customization to special customer requests can also be offered. Because the terminal tractor can easily be disconnected and used for other purposes if the Contlift is not needed all the time, it is a very cost effective alternative for container handling. In addition, it is a reliable system for container handling with low operating and maintenance costs. Please check our video above with a Contlift at work.

Value for money

Contlift can be delivered with or without tractor because it is compatible with most terminal tractors on the market.

If Contlift is not used regularly, it can easily be disconnected from the tractor so that it can be used in other applications. This flexibility, combined with low operating costs and long service life, makes the investment of a Contlift highly profitable.

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How it works

Contlift is reversed over the container. The upper part is lowered and the twistlocks locked into the upper corner castings of the container and locked. The lifting beam steering plates contribute to the positioning. The front and rear lifting beams can be moved laterally independently of each other to facilitate the coupling.

Once the lock is complete, the container can be lifted and moved hanging during the transport. A safety system blocks the lifting function unless all four turn locks are properly locked. It is also locked for opening when a container is hanging in the mover.

When the container is to be parked, it is lowered to the ground, the twistlocks are opened and the mover is raised to a free position above the container. The lifting height for shunting in the premises is usually one meter, so that it can handle containers of different heights. In order to load and unload chassis and trailers, the normal lifting height is two meters. Special versions with up to three meters height allow double stacking of containers one over one.

Operated by a single person

Contlift is built to be connected to a terminal tractor with necessary connections to electronics and hydraulics. All functions are controlled from the system control panel mounted in the tractor cabin. The driver does not need to leave the cabin, no manual maneuvers for connections or other activities. A reversible driver’s seat in the cabin ensures safe and comfortable operation and creates a good visibility and working environment for the driver.

Wide products assortment

We offer a standard range of two main models, Contlift F with fixed length for set container size and Contlift T, which is adjustable for 20-45 ‘ISO containers. Our standard models handle weights up to 36 tons.

As we build and design Contlift, we can of course build customized solutions for other sizes or heavier lifting.

Cost effective

Contlift is self-loading and does not require additional equipment for operations. Contlift manages moving and lifting quickly and efficiently. It has a well thought-out design, which results in low operating and maintenance costs. Contlift can be maneuvered by one person contributing to less costs and increased efficiency that save a lot of time and money for both the dock and the office worker.