Contlift container mover is a machine for lifting and moving containers in ports and industries.

Quick and secure connection to the container

Speed up to 25 km / h

Robust construction with low operating costs

Strong construction that progressively improved with the help of users

Typical operations

  • Transport containers to and from quay cranes
  • Take containers to and into the loading / unloading magazine
  • Lift containers on and off road vehicles


Contlift container mover is a machine for lifting and moving containers in ports and industries. It is connected to a terminal tractor and all functions are controlled by the driver from the cabin.

There are a number of standard models to choose from, and in addition to this, customization to special customer requests can also be offered. Because the terminal tractor can easily be disconnected and used for other purposes if the Contlift is not needed all the time, it is a very cost effective alternative for container handling. In addition, it is a reliable system for container handling with low operating and maintenance costs.

Please check our video above with a Contlift at work.

An image says more than 1000 words, a movie even more. Watch the movie here..

Nordic Bulkers AB uses Contlift mover to transport containers from the rail connection to the production facility.

Ask us about smart ways to handle lifting and moving containers!

Satisfied customers are our most important task

We have more than 20 years of experience with Contlift Container Movers which we use internally for moving containers in the port. Contlift is a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution that we were very pleased with.

Kent Rusten

Mälarhamnar AB

Container protection Contlift T20-40 by CCH AB has been used so far for 4 years. It has always worked to our satisfaction, no major repairs have been necessary.

Magnus Johnson

Älsborg RoRo AB

A total of seven Contlift T20-40 HL were purchased and delivered by us to different customers for use in England and the Middle East. As far as I know, the machines worked well in their favor and the satisfaction of the various operators.

Ingo W Behrendt

Plan Handling Systems Ltd

Selection of customers